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About Fi Awards

Informa Markets in India is proud to launch the premier edition of Fi India Awards on 17th August 2023 at BEC Mumbai, an esteemed recognition dedicated to honoring and applauding the innovative strides made by the food industry in India. As the leading platform for the Indian food and beverage sector, we are thrilled to launch this prestigious event to highlight and celebrate the extraordinary advancements and cutting-edge solutions that have emerged from this vibrant industry.

The Fi India Awards aims to showcase and acknowledge the remarkable achievements and exceptional contributions of individuals, companies, and organizations in the food product manufacturing sector. By recognizing and promoting innovation, the awards endeavor to inspire further creativity, foster growth, and drive positive change within the industry.

Excellence in Research and development

Recognize a research and development initiative by an organisation that has contributed to the growth and enhanced the products/processes.

Excellence in Sustainability

Recognize an initiative by an organisation to promote and incorporate sustainable practices in their processes. The initiative will encapsulate changes already implemented by the company, that have had a positive impact on the business.

Excellence in Food tech Innovation

Recognize a technology driven initiative that has impacted and transformed the food and beverage industry through a solution linked to the digital and technological sphere.

Excellence in Supply chain, logistics and warehousing

Recognize an organisation for innovation in logistics, supply chain and warehousing services for ensuring the safe handling and tracking of products to their end consumers.

Excellence in Traditional Marketing

Recognize an organisation that has used traditional media like TV, radio, print etc to engage with their target audience and achieve specific marketing objectives.

Excellence in Digital Marketing

Recognize an organisation that has used social and digital media to engage with their target audience and achieve specific marketing objectives. It recognizes campaigns that have successfully leveraged social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others to create compelling and engaging marketing campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

Excellence in Marketing - Product launch / Relaunch

Recognize an organisation's marketing initiative for introducing a new product or revamping an existing product to the market. Nominations must clearly demonstrate creativity, innovation, and effectiveness in their campaigns, which have resulted in successful sales and increased brand awareness.

Excellence in Packaging

Recognize an initiative to develop packaging which is environmentally sustainable, ensures safety of the product, is cost effective and improves the appeal and brand equity.

Start up of the year

Recognize start-ups who are making an impact in the food industry by bringing new products/technologies/business ideas.

Excellence in Women advancement initiative of the year

Recognize an organisation's initiative to provide skilling and employment opportunities to women especially from economically backward communities and thereby contributing to their living standards.

Excellence in Food Training & Education

Recognize a training initiative by an organisation which has a demonstrable record, over at least 2 years, of providing pioneering or innovative training and education initiatives in food, which are likely to impact the health and well-being of consumers.

The Jury

Meet Our Jury

Nilesh Lele


Managing Director for American company FoodChain

Chinmayee Deulgaonkar

Managing Director for American company FoodChain

ID'S India

Dr. Vaibhav Kulkarni

Senior Director & Senior Leadership Team Member

Abbott Nutrition Regulatory Affairs

Prabhod Halde

Head Regulatory


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